Class of 2011

College Exploration

I applied and was accepted into 3 colleges. Metro, Front range, and The Communtiy College of Denver. All of which are in Denver. I was also looking at the Art Instatute. I would like to go into a culinary school. And in the end, own my own resturant. I decied I was going to go to business school at the Communtiy College of Denver and get my asociates degree and then go into maybe a culinary school.


Kayla Degrote
0594 County Rd. 110

    Seeking FT or PT employment in challenging fast paced environment that will allow me the opportunity to make a difference as part of the team. A position that will enable me to become a vital part of the businesses success, as well as contribute and utilize my skills and experience.

    I am an outgoing energetic restaurant experienced server, hostess, cashier, buser, and customer service specialist. I am very motivated to commit to the right job and am organized with full proficiency with all standard restaurant equipment, dispatching, and POS ordering systems, multi line telephones and most computer systems (i.e: windows, excel, and multi media)

    Yampah Mtn. High School Graduate

    Zhengs (September 2007 to March 2008)-
Completed duties as hostess, busing tables and helping servers dispatch food orders to customers.
    BB Wings N’ Q (May 2009 to March 2010)-
Completed duties as cashier, server, busing, cleaning, serving ice cream and balancing cash drawers. Letter of reference upon request.
    Dairy Queen (May 2010 to Current)-
Completed duties as drive-thru order taker, dispatcher, cashier and shift leader. As shift leader supervisor I was responsible for running labor reports, petty cash, managing crew on shift, breaking people and general overall restaurant management per shift.

Personal References: Provided Upon Request


I Am.
I am Kayla.
I am 17 years old.
I am a Female.
I am a red head.
I am a writer.
I am an artist.
I am a chef.
I am unique.
I am strong.
I am a lover.
I am a bitch.
I am quiet.
I am open-minded.
I am adorable.
I am sweet.
I am addictive.
I am a non-smoker.
I am smart.
I am talented.
I am organized.
I am a hard worker.
I am attractive.
I am real.
I am me.

Mom. Jamie Fay Jochum. 36 years old.
In high school she was extremely popular and a cheerleader. She met my father at 17 years old, in Durango, Colorado. My dad got her involved in drugs. She was addicted to meth or some sort of drug most of my life. She had my brother and 18 years old and me at 19. My mom has been to prison 3 times throughout my life. My mom has a business degree but decides to be a waitress because its fast money and exciting.
Dad. Troy Lee Degrote. 38 years old.
Brother. Scottie Lee Degrote. 18 years old.
Born January 9th 1993. My brother is very strong and can deal with just about anything. We aren’t very close anymore cause we ever get to see each other or hang out. I never get to tell him things or do anything with him. When we were little I used to always tell on him about anything and everything, try to get him in trouble so that I could be “moms favorite.” He always got the short end of everything. Both Scottie and I have been in and out of foster homes and treatment facilities.
Birth Story.
Its 2am on February 17th, I start moving making my mom be in a lot of pain and in labor. 2 weeks late already and my mom was scheduled to be induced on the 19th of February. Hospital doctors checked and my mom was only a little bit dilated, so he tried to give my mom a shot to speed up the labor. My mom also gets a shot for the pain to go away. She isn’t making enough progress so the doc gives her more medicine. Finally my grandparents arrive to help my mom get me out. They drove from Glenwood Springs, CO. to Grand Junction, CO. Amazingly the sperm donor, my father, has shown up to comfort my mom by rubbing her back and helping her walk up and down the halls to help push me down. The doctors came and told my mom it was time for me to see the world. 35 minutes later I came out, screaming filled the room and everyone knew I was finally out. 6 pounds, 7 ounces with big beautiful blue eyes and the reddest of red hair. I hated the stupid thing the hospital put me in so I always got to sleep on my mom’s chest. My mom was the only person I liked. No one else.
Pivotal Moments.
There have been few turning points in my life. Some good and some bad. In 6th grade, when I was 12 years old, I decided I needed to make new friends cause the ones I had weren’t that great. So I walked up to this girl, Sandy Rabidue, I remember she was really smart and EXTEMLY beautiful. I asked her if I could hang out with her some day, and she said we could hang out that night. Sandy told me that this guy I really liked was going to be with her so I decided to go. We drank alcohol and I smoked weed for my first time. We ended up breaking into a house and got arrested for felonies. After that day nothing was the same. I had become heavy into drugs, drinking and partying. On my 14th birthday I did coke for the first time. On May 20th, 2008 I got placed into a treatment facility, I was there 10 months. I became a completely different person. I stopped using drugs and drinking. I became more focused on school and I work a lot to stay out of trouble. I realized I had a future. Once I realized that school was the most important, I started to kick life in the ass. I am now a junior in high school and I am graduating this year. I got accepted to college and I’m going to get my business degree, then I’m going to a culinary school. I would like to own my own restaurant and be a chef.
Friendship Is:
Trusting Someone
Being There For Them
Listening To Them
Accepting Them
Strengths, Talents, Gifts.
One strength I have is being able to deal with people who make me mad and having the skills to cope with my anger. Patience is a good thing that I have. I am a very good cook and I am a very creative person. I am cook just about anything in the kitchen.

One weakness I have is that I get mad way too easy. When that happens I am normally mad all day, which sucks. I get irritated and then I become the biggest bitch in the world and that’s a problem I really need to work on. Especially since I work with people and I need to be able to stay calm no matter what.
A Good Parent Is:
    Taking care of the child to the best of your ability.
 A good parent needs to be sober because if they aren't then they cannot take care of the child.
 The parent needs to have unconditional love for their child.
 A good parent needs to be able to have strong bounties with their kids.
 They will need to believe in their kids, because if they don’t believe in them then their child will feel useless.
 The parent will need to help their kids with homework or filling out job applications or even college applications.

Things To Focus On For My Future.
One thing I should focus on is trying to stay sober so that I don't turn out like my parents. Drugs ruined their life and I can't be like them. I need to continue to go to school and working on doing my best, I need to actually try in life. Right now, I need to keep focusing on my school, graduation and my job.